Thursday, September 25, 2008

Billy Graham - A Testiment of Faithfulness and Focus for Over 60 Years

This week I had the opportunity to meet with the senior leadership of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and about 25 other churches from across America. The question BGEA had for us was this -

"As we transition away from stadium events with the retirement of Billy Graham how and what can we do better to help leverage the local church?"

It's an interesting challenge when you consider the legacy of Billy Graham. All of us (at least those over 30) grew up either watching, listening or attending a Billy Graham Crusade and witnessed thousands of people streaming down the isles to accept the call to have Jesus Christ become their personal lord and savior. How does an organization change its identity and brand when it has become a household name? Can it? Will the public accept the change?

It's interesting to watch an organization try to move from very good to great. Not many can do it. I wish the Billy Graham Evangelical Association the very best. It was an honor to sit in the room with so many great minds.

At the end of each of our lives wouldn't it be a powerful statement to our faith that smart and educated men and women would spend significant time and energy trying to figure out how to expand upon our legacy?


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Videos Billy Graham's sermons in France at Paris Bercy in 1986 on:

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