Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome an Old Friend and New Director of Monroe Circle LeRoy King

As of December 1st, LeRoy King will move from an amazing volunteer leader of MC3's The Gathering to Director of the Monroe Circle Community Center.

Anyone that has attended The Gathering on Tuesday nights knows LeRoy's heart and passion for the families living in the Monroe Circle neighborhood. He will now bring these same skills to help lead the kids, families and volunteers of MC3 to the next level of opportunity and hope.

LeRoy will assume the role of telling the story of MC3 on this blogsite and it is my hope that every now and then he will allow me to be a guest contributor every now and then. In addition to volunteering at one of my favorite hangouts (MC3 that is!) I will be working to help eliminate female infanticide and feticide in southern India via The Rhema Project.

Please help me welcome LeRoy King!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Punkin Pie!!!

Yesterday was a good day for eat'n! SonCity Kids at Monroe Circle and Edison Gardens held their annual Thanksgiving Dinner.... well more like a banquet!

Lot's of great food, friendships built and everyone went home to take a nap!

Also, on Saturday SCK Washington Gardens in Elkhart started the holiday season off on the right path with their first annual Thanksgiving Feast.

This time of year is always a good time to reflect back on how far God has brought you and all that He has provided. Just a few years ago, an old building on the corner of Taylor Streets and Western Avenue was quiet and dark with not much of anything going on with no hope in sight. Today, it is the cornerstone to community transformation. Same can be said about Edison Gardens and the amazing shifts toward a better day becoming the normal.

My prayer is that we will always take time to remember this journey and be very, very thankful!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buzz is Up at MC3

Today we expanded MC3's after-school program to include LEAP remediation and Compass Learning. The volunteers were excited, the kids were adding volume and energy to the education center. I had a chance to briefly talk to Rebecca Mashon, LEAP teacher from Madison Primary Center as she was leaving. As she watched the volunteers from GCC, Bethel College and Penn High School walk the kids back to their homes all she could keep saying was this is going to be very, very good - I can't wait for tomorrow!

Amy Kring, our SCK after-school coordinator deserves so much of credit for where we are at. She has stood in the gap, believing in this kids and coaxing volunteers to invest their time and talent. She is doing something great and even state and local educational leaders understand she is leading something new... something exciting... something very, very special.

If interested... we and the kids still really need you!

Prediction - Deizmond will be a Great Man

This afternoon I had the privilege of having a late lunch with my friend Deizmond. We were celebrating his good grades on his report card. Deizmond has been coming to MC3 for the last couple of years and is a regular at the after-school program. We work on his history, math and reading homework. Lately, I've been helping him with a few speed reading and comprehensive techniques.

He is a bright young man that will go far. But his is not what impressed me the most. Deizmond will become a great man because he is already a amazing young boy with outstanding character and a sharing heart!

As we finished our meal he opened his backpack and pulled out a $5.00 McDonald's gift card he had received as a reward for hard work at school. He could have saved it for himself but he didn't. He asked if he could use it to buy 4 double cheese burgers - one for each of his four brothers and one for his mom. He wanted to share his success and his rewards with his family.

I have so much to learn from Deizmond. Most times I give from my excess. Deizmond gives from all he has.