Monday, January 19, 2009

Celebrating Martin Luther King

This morning I had the privilege of attending the Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast at the Century Center. Today is also on the eve of our country being lead by a person of color. It is a good day for all Americans. It is a good day for us to demonstrate to the world that as Martin Luther King said "we should not judge a person by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

However, we still have some work to be done. Because, even today we have teachers, policeman and business people prejudging the content of someone's character because they are black. But I also see the discrimination of young black kids against someone who is from a biracial family. This all occurring on the heals of their excitement of our first African American president that has a similar family history. How can we hold up one as a shining example and not celebrate the other? How can we be so quick to prejudge someone's character just by the color (or lack of color) in their skin?

I see signs of hope. Their names are Peewee, Demond and Roy. I see signs of encouragement and opportunity and their names are Dan, Brian and Coop. Dawn is coming and it is going to be a new and better day.

My prayer is that in 2009 our country, our community, our Monroe Circle will become more of a reality and less of a dream in order to honor Martin Luther King. My prayer is that what is happening at Monroe Circle Community Center would make Dr. King proud and make him smile.

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