Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Batter Up!

Its official. Major league baseball started this week, the South Bend Silverhawks start to play later this week, public schools are on break this week and Easter is this weekend. All signs that spring is just around the corner but I have even more exciting news.

The boys of Monroe Circle will be participating in Little League Baseball this spring and summer! Ryan Kring is our head coach and we have 14 eager players ready to start practice this week and games to start on April 24th. It also looks like the South Bend Silverhawks players will also help coach and mentor the kids when they are in town and we are finalizing how the kids might be able to spend time in the Silverhawk dugout during games and get a behind the scenes tour of the locker room and other fun stuff.

Opening day parades is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th and the 16 game season is from April 24th thru June 27th. The team will play in the Maurice Matthys league and home games will be played at Matthy's Park

Once we get the schedule I will post it so if you are interested in cheering on the MC3 Bravehearts stop on out.

UPDATE! The season kicks off this Saturday morning with a parade at 9:00 am and the first game begins at 11:00 am at Matthy's park.


Bob Adams said...

What a great story that is being written at MC3! Thank you so much for taking time to let us tour the site yesterday. I'm praying for your opening day activities tomorrow. I hope we can talk some more soon about spreading the message and ideas about MC3 to other churches across the country.

Dan Blacketor said...

Great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for coming downtown and checking us out. Trust your travels home last night were without delay.