Thursday, August 13, 2009

Secrets Out!

We now have signage at MC3 thanks to Tim Markley and Markley Enterprises, Inc.

Each building now has a street address, Monroe Circle Community Center new logo which was designed by Marty Friend and a building usage identification sign for the cafe, food pantry and educational center.

Now, we will no longer need to explain to people that the community center is located just a few blocks west of where Gates Chevy World used to be or just across the street from Fred's Transmission or if you know where St. Hedwig Parish and Community Hall is located you have gone to far!

The graphic design was completed by Lisa DeSelm who works at Granger Community Church in the communications department.

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betsey said...

I was going to say how great that looked this morning--for some reason I didn't see it yesterday--probably wasn't looking.