Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prediction - Deizmond will be a Great Man

This afternoon I had the privilege of having a late lunch with my friend Deizmond. We were celebrating his good grades on his report card. Deizmond has been coming to MC3 for the last couple of years and is a regular at the after-school program. We work on his history, math and reading homework. Lately, I've been helping him with a few speed reading and comprehensive techniques.

He is a bright young man that will go far. But his is not what impressed me the most. Deizmond will become a great man because he is already a amazing young boy with outstanding character and a sharing heart!

As we finished our meal he opened his backpack and pulled out a $5.00 McDonald's gift card he had received as a reward for hard work at school. He could have saved it for himself but he didn't. He asked if he could use it to buy 4 double cheese burgers - one for each of his four brothers and one for his mom. He wanted to share his success and his rewards with his family.

I have so much to learn from Deizmond. Most times I give from my excess. Deizmond gives from all he has.

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