Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bennie is Famous!!!!

Our very own Bennie made the South Bend Tribune today in a front page article "Mentor loves boy's endless energy!" Mike Pozzi was Bennie's mentor last year through the South Bend school's Partner Up mentoring program. Mike is looking forward to reconnecting with Bennie this fall when the program gets back into full swing. My pray and hope is that Mike will notice a difference in Bennie - a positive difference from Bennie and his twin brother Kennie participating in SonCity Summers. From Bennie's involvement in SonCity Kids this summer. And, hopefully he will be able to participate in SonCity After-school staring next month at MC3.

Amy Kring, coordinator for SonCity After-school and SonCity Summers has been meeting with Angela Buysse, Bennie and Kennie's principal at Madison Primary Center. If everything goes as planned we will be expanding SonCity After-school to include LEAP tutoring and Wilson Lipps learning techniques that are tailored to address the specific needs of every child. Teachers from Madison will be working with our volunteers at SonCity After-school to help Monroe Circle kids to achieve their academic best.

We need more Mikes, we need more Amys, we need more Angie Buysses, we need more committed people to grab a hold of kids like Bennie and hold tight because if we don't then we will get more of what happened last night at Southeast Park ("Shooting leaves 1 dead after celebration in park") Good and evil exists in South Bend and today it shared space on the front page of the South Bend Tribune. I believe it is our mandate from God to move evil off of front page center and replace it with more stories like Bennie's.

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jen said...

How cool is that! I remember when Bennie (and Kennie) was a little 3 year old scared of Goliath in a drama. Guess I'm getting old. What fun to see them grow up. Where will they be in ten years? I can't wait to see!