Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tony Snow's Testimony

This is a brief exert from Tony Snow's testimony. Tony was a journalist, the press secretary for President Bush and a political commentator but most importantly he followed Jesus. Most of us are blessed with good health. We don't take the time to focus on the purpose God has given to us - somehow we believe we have forever. We don't hone our skills, we don't set our path, we simply spend way to much time simply floating down the lazy river we call "life." Tony's passing should be the wake up call for the rest of us. The morning is anew, God has a plan for each of us today. Question is - will we listen and obey?

God bids us to choose:
Do we believe, or do we not?
Will we be bold enough to love,
daring enough to serve,
humble enough to submit,
and strong enough
to acknowledge our limitations?
Can we surrender our concern
in things that don't matter
so that we might devote our remaining days
to things that do?

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