Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cheer at MC3

My good friend Kim Volheim snapped these photos at MC3's cafe and food pantry. It was only in the low teens this morning but it was cozy warm inside. The children's ministry at GCC dropped off baby diapers, cereal and baby food for guests that have small infants. Tomorrow they return with gifts for the grade school kids attending SCK afterschool Christmas party. Georgia and the entire GCC children's ministry team lead well and did a great job connecting kids from GCC with kids from the Monroe Circle neighborhood.

Panera Bread donates all of the pastries and bread given out each week.

When Vicky Young is able to come.... people will wait for her to
share a kind word and a quiet prayer.

Betsy came for a cup of coffee and by her own admission never
wanted to leave.

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