Monday, December 22, 2008

SonCity Kids' Christmas Parties

Both Edison Gardens and Monroe Circle recently held their Christmas parties the last few days. There are so many great stories to share about how people and organizations stepped in to make this Christmas a very special one for the kids living in these communities.

1. Granger Student Ministries ("GSM") - made the Edison Garden's community center their special project. Yes, we have a community building at Edison Gardens in addition to Monroe Circle! Our team there often gets "over looked" but the leadership of Shelley and Dean do an outstanding job. GSM pooled their resources and purchased table, board and playground games for the kids to enjoy. Several young men came along with John Keim and spent several hours assembling an amazing game room. The kids of Edison Garden's were as excited about the "community gifts" as they were with their individual presents.

2. First Federal Savings Bank - Maribeth Rontz (who also leads our outreach at the Center for the Homeless) lead the charge and raised the needed funds to ensure the kids of SonCity Kids had a great Christmas Party. First Federal Savings staff gave above and beyond and Maribeth even found us a great Santa Clause outfit! Prior to stepping forward in an effort to stay within our budget we had asked our leadership teams to operate on a very limited "shoestring" for Christmas. Because of First Federal's generosity everyone had a great time.

3. GCC Children's Ministry - This year the children of GCC adopted both Monroe Circle and Edison Gardens for their Christmas giving project. Kids brought in baby diapers, baby food and wet wipes. An essential that many times goes unmet by parents living on a very small income. Kids brought in paper tablets, color pencils and crayons that were giving away as great Christmas presents to every grade school child living in these communities. Finally, Children's Ministry staff took some of their budget to purchase small backpacks for every school-aged boy and girl.

On Monday afternoon I happened to be cleaning the sidewalk at the community center. A young boy came running down the sidewalk and stopped to say "thank you" for a great Christmas party. He shared that he was walking home from the library where he picked up a couple books to read over the Christmas break. He proudly showed me his books stowed nicely in his brand new lime green backpack.

Job well done GCC. Job well done community. Job well done volunteers. You are making a profound impact on the lives of these kids!

Merry Christmas Everyone.


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I love these pictures and the joy in the kid's faces!