Friday, July 11, 2008

Meet Mr. Curtis

Tough as nails with a heart of gold!

Mr. Curtis and his wife Denise have been volunteering at SonCity Summer since day one. They serve every Tuesday and Thursday. The boys respect Mr. Curtis and the girls listen to him with admiration. Curtis and Denise have already raised their family but they are infusing their wisdom into the lives of these kids. They give these kids hope - they give me hope.

After the first day, Amy Kring ask Denise if she had a good time. Without hesitation she replied no - but I will be back because these kids need us. That is an uncompromising commitment to take your next step to become more like Jesus. What is remarkable about Curtis and Denise is that they just started coming to GCC - less than two months ago they walked into a weekend service, heard about SonCity Summers, joined the team and are helping bring His kingdom from Up There to Down Here.

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