Monday, July 14, 2008

People I respect I want to follow

Meet Mark Beeson

From Mark BeesonMark is the senior and founding pastor of Granger Community Church. Over 20 years ago Mark and his wife Sheila moved to Granger, IN and started GCC with a big vision and their three kids. Today, over 5500 attend one of the weekend services and over 1,000 participate in the midweek service.

Almost 18 years ago my wife and I started to attend GCC - back in the day when the church met in the cinema - back in the day when a crowd was 200 people - back in the day when Mark and Sheila lead a bunch of misfits.

I've watched Mark inspire and cast vision to thousands of people. I've seen Mark lead during troubled times when he shouldered acquisitions that were not only unjust but extremely unfair.

A few years ago, Mark encouraged the mission of GCC to include the vision for MC3. Mark empowered leaders to lead, gave them guidelines and then let them lead. Sounds a lot like what a man named Jesus did.

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of listening Mark unfold the future of the church. He is as excited today about our next run as any other time I have known Mark. He is more excited about today than when the church hit 200 people - he is more excited today than when we moved onto campus or when we had our first service in the auditorium.

Part of the reason is that Mark has built an amazing team of people around him - both staff and volunteer leaders. But I think Mark is more excited about the future of GCC today than any time in the last 20+ years because this run is completely dependent upon Jesus. Knowing who he is and following him. Man could explain away the first 20 years of growth at GCC but no one will be able to deny the overwhelming reason behind GCC's impact during this next run.

Mark follows Jesus wholeheartedly and I just figure if I follow Mark there is a very good chance I will also be following Jesus. The question is - who are you following and where are they leading you?

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