Thursday, July 3, 2008

SonCity Summers in Full Swing

Meet Bethany
(center left)
Bethany is interning with the GCC Life Mission Department this summer. She and Amy Kring are leading the entire SonCity Summers program. She is going to school at Moody Bible. I the kids at Monroe Circle are stretching her in many ways but I think she will return to Moody this fall with a new zeal and a better understanding on bringing Jesus' kingdom from Up There to Down Here.

Here is a recent post from her blog soncitysummer

"Working with these kids can be a little overwhelming the first day, especially with the acoustics at the Community Canter, but it has been neat to see the volunteers growing in their comfort and ability when dealing with these issues. The first week, one of the volunteer asked another if she had fun with the kids that day. Her immediate response was “No, but I’ll be back,” and she has been, twice a week, every week. This ministry isn’t for the faint hearted - those who are seeking to stay comfortable. It’s stretching and even uncomfortable at times, but it’s also one that works its way into your heart. I can personally attest, it may take some time, but it grows on you."

You may want to follow along over the next several weeks or better yet if you want to get into get Jesus out of the pages of your Bible and into your life you may want to consider joining Bethany and Amy down at MC3!

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