Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dan Adams is a STAR

This morning I had a meeting with Dan Adams and his management team at MTI/Adams Engineering. Dan and his wife Jen have been members at GCC for the last several years. Both are very high caliber people and Jen has been helping lead the food pantry at MC3 since last fall.

Dan wants to leverage his business for the kingdom and one step is to employ people stuck in the margins that have not been given the chance to break upwards. Next week we will begin the interviewing process for placing two people in their business. This is not a temporary position but a permanent one with career advancement opportunities where it is not far fetched to believe these employees could be making $20+ twelve to eighteen months from now.

We are building support systems and asking a few people that have been through the STARs program to submit an application for review. One of the critical pieces in helping men and women break free from poverty is a sustainable wage that provides enough “lift” to make the effort to leave behind the guarantees of staying on welfare.

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