Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things Heat Up in Elkhart

Life Center
Last night I was invited to hear an amazing vision for a vocational training center birthed by a good friend Joe Wisler and Scott Tuttle. I’ve known Joe for many years and he is one of the best audio/visual tech guys in the country. A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet his partner, Scott Tuttle. Scott’s story is a story of obedience and faithfulness. Four to five years ago God began to stir a vision in Scott to start a vocation training center to help the marginalized of Elkhart county to be given the opportunity to financially provide for their family. Challenge. Scott did not have the resources to launch the program. Scott has been extremely successful in the RV business and five years ago God’s answer to Scott’s request was “start another business and you will never want for money.” So, Scott and two other partners started Hartland RV and began to manufacture recreational vehicles. Each of the last four years they had experienced a 4 to 500 percent increase in sales and in 2007 employed nearly 1000 people. On January 1, 2008 sold his share and walked away to start Life Center. Three days later he met Joe Wisler who had been praying for the opportunity to start an audio/visual training school. This fall they plan to launch Life Center at the Feed the Children facilities in Elkhart.

Both Joe and Scott were extremely interested in helping the people of Monroe Circle community learn a craft that would provide them a sustainable wage. Very exciting.

Jeff Bell
Elkhart Campus Pastor

Plus, GCC is launching its first multi-site this fall at Encore Movie Theatre on State Road 19. With over 200 people attending the first orientation meeting it’s my opinion that by September they may have a full house. Guess what? Encore is less than 2 miles away from FtC and Jeff Bell (pastor of Elkhart) is very interested in building a direct serve opportunity with not only FtC but potentially Life Center. Maybe we are going multi-site with MC3 and God just has not told us yet!

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