Monday, June 2, 2008

Meet Jill

Meet Jill
Someday very soon people will write books about her courage, her commitment to bringing Jesus’ Kingdom from Up There to Down Here. People will speak of the great women in the Bible – Ester, Ruth, Mary, the Mother of Jesus and then they will talk about Jill Ulrich.

Jill is a lawyer by trade but is running after Jesus with all she’s got. Before her deployment to Chennai, India to bring justice to people bonded in slave labor and forced prostitution she had a position of comfort within the Indiana State Auditor’s office. Life was comfortable for Jill but she wanted more. She wanted to allow Jesus to use her life for deep impact.

The reality is following Jesus is many times very hard, extremely challenging and very far from the rewards of the western world and the creature comforts of being near family and friends. It is one of those times for Jill right now – pray for her, read her blog or drop her a note on Facebook.

Several years ago Nike had a campaign with Michael Jordan – be like Mike. For followers of the way of Jesus – it could be like Jill.

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